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We service the following areas:

  • Fridge repair in Mississauga
  • Fridge repair in Milton
  • Fridge repair in Campbellville
  • Fridge repair in Brampton
  • Fridge repair in Georgetown
  • Fridge repair in Vaughan
  • Fridge repair in Oakville
  • Fridge repair in Etobicoke
  • Fridge repair in Malton
  • Fridge repair in Acton
  • Fridge repair in Bolton
  • Fridge repair in Halton Hills


Fridge Maintenance Tip

A refrigerator's condenser coil needs to be clean periodically to maintain the fridge's overall efficiency. Failing to do so will cause cooling problems along with shortening the lifespan of certain components of the fridge.

The condenser coil on older models, were previously located on the back of the fridge. However on newer models you will usually find the condenser at the base of the fridge, which can be access by removing the bottom kick plate. Some new models do require the fridge to be pulled out to access the condenser coil from the bottom rear of the fridge. 

The frequency of cleaning is subject to your home environment. If you have pets that shed, you will need to clean it more often. It is also recommended to consult the owner's manual as to the proper procedure to cleaning the condenser coil or any other components. 

If you are not comfortable doing such maintenance on your own, please contact us and we would be happy to send a qualified technician out to assist you. 

We service the following brands of refrigerators:

  • General Electric (GE) fridge repair
  • Whirlpool fridge repair
  • Kenmorefridge repair
  • Samsung fridge repair
  • Amana fridge repair
  • Inglis fridge repair
  • Beaumark fridge repair
  • Moffat fridge repair
  • Frigidaire fridge repair
  • Electrolux fridge repair
  • Hotpoint fridge repair
  • Maytag fridge repair
  • KitchenAid fridge repair
  • Roper fridge repair


At TAG Appliance Services, we understand that your refrigerator is the most important appliance in your kitchen. It is an appliance that people simple cannot live without. We also understand that the longer you wait for service, the greater the chance that you will lose money on spoiled food. That's why we make every effort to get to your fridge on the same day and do our best to get the issue resolve as quickly as possible. Give us a call, we can help.

  • Refrigerator not maintaining temperature?
  • Freezer not cooling?
  • Refrigerator not running at all?
  • Water leaking inside refrigerator?
  • Water leaking behind refrigerator?
  • Refrigerator noisy?

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