We service the following areas:

  • Dryer repair in Mississauga
  • Dryer repair in Milton
  • Dryer repair in Brampton
  • Dryer repair in Georgetown
  • Dryer repair in Campbellville
  • Dryer repair in Vaughan
  • Dryer repair in Oakville
  • Dryer repair in Etobicoke
  • Dryer repair in Malton
  • Dryer repair in Acton
  • Dryer repair in Bolton
  • Dryer repair in Halton Hills

We service the following brands of dryers:

  • General Electric (GE) dryer repair
  • Whirlpool dryer repair
  • Kenmore dryer repair
  • Samsung dryer repair
  • Amana dryer repair
  • Inglis dryer repair
  • Beaumark dryer repair
  • Moffat dryer repair
  • Frigidaire dryer repair
  • Electrolux dryer repair
  • Hotpoint dryer repair
  • Maytag dryer repair
  • KitchenAid dryer repair
  • Roper dryer repair

Dryer Safety Tip

​A dryer can be a real fire hazard even if you are using it properly. Dryer fires are one of the most common causes of house fires. Every year over 15 000 fires start in the laundry room when lint from dryers build up and catch fire. 

Here are a few simple tips you can use to help prevent dryer fires:

  • Have your dryer install and service by a professional.
  • ​Do not use the dryer without a lint filter.
  • ​Always clean the lint filter before or after each load of laundry and remove lint that has collected around the drum of the dryer.
  • ​Keep the area around your dryer clear of things that can burn, such as boxes or cleaning products.
  • ​Do not restrict the air exhaust vent pipe and make sure the vent flap outside is opening when the dryer is on.
  • ​Once a year, or more if you notice that it's taking longer than normal for your clothes to dry, clean lint out of the vent pipe and inside the dryer. If you are uncomfortable doing this on your own, give us a call to schedule a dryer maintenance service. For more information on dryer fire safety please refer to the National Fire Protection Association.

Our technicians are trained to repair all problems in a timely manner with unsurpassed quality. If you are having a problem with your dryer, give us a call, we can help. 

  • Dryer won't turn on?
  • Dryer won't start?
  • Dryer taking too long to dry?
  • ​Dryer runs but no heat?
  • Dryer not spinning?
  • Dryer noisy?
  • ​Dryer giving you an error code?


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